18-19 March 2015 at BVB Hubli

Report: Aniruddha Patil,  IV Sem. Mechanical Engineering.

Day 1.

To realize this dream of every Indian, we, the creators of new world, initiators of revolutions, i.e. engineering students, wanted to work from grass-root level. With the support of BVB-CTIE, we, the like minds came up with a student body entitled ‘Make in BVB’- (MIB). Many innovative events were organized with great success under the MIB banner, like - panel discussion on 3Es: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, which gave blooming start to MIB activities. With the successes in all the events organized, MIB team, dreamt of delivering one of its kind entrepreneurial carnivals to build and nurture entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region of North Karnataka. This would ultimately lead to the social, economical, technical and entrepreneurial advancement of the region. With the enormous amount of preparations the platform was set to realize the dream. The carnival was coined as ‘E-summit-2015’, with a tag line ‘Simplify Ur Measurable Miracle In Thinking’.

The day arrived, it was March 18, 2015. The most awaited historical movement in the entrepreneurial activities of BVBCET,  was to be witnessed. The carnival started with the motivational words from Dr. Ashok Shettar, Principal, BVBCET. He enlightened the students about the vision of CTIE, innovative concepts like Centre for Indigenization and Productization, the Learning factory and other on-campus initiatives. His experience at MIT, USA and the resultant resolve to nurture entrepreneurial spirits of BVB students was quite befitting. This was followed by a speech about ‘Relevance of business incubation for start-ups’, by the founder and CEO of Chromosis technologies which is incubated at BVB. Chromosis’ advantage for being at CTIE and the benefits realized on enhancing the business network was the highlight. Prasad Patil, co-founder and CEO of Aissel Technologies, spoke on the pitfalls that every start-up goes through. Then was the keynote address by KLE Ratna, Mr. Deepak Dhadooti, CEO of Servo Controls India . The message of his life from an enthusiastic mechanical engineer to a distinguished entrepreneur was music to the ears of young students gathered for the occasion. The patriotism and the pro-social attitude that he stressed upon in his speech, conveyed the principle of ‘Business with a Purpose’. His thunderous words took the entire crowd to a new level of energy and enthusiasm like never seen. He successfully caught the attention of the huge crowd which was over 700 in number, towards ‘building for India’.

In the afternoon, two workshops which ran parallely – SmartStart and Ideation.  Smart Start was designed to ensure that, students work in teams on the problem statements which were given by the incubated start ups in the college.   
Ideation was designed for the first year students and emphasized on - having an open mind, identifying opportunities, converting them into feasible solutions and pitching across effectively. The customized templates for the workshops and the usage of other technological tools enhanced the effective participation of the teams. Participants learnt in multi-disciplinary and challenging environment. Both the workshops ended with the pitching of the generated ideas by the teams, which were judged by a jury consisting of leading local entrepreneurs. Toppers of each workshop won a cash prize of INR 5000.

Day 2
The second day started with a bang! Two young entrepreneurs who changed the perception of global entrepreneurship through their out-of-the-box practices, enthralled the audience. It all began with Mr. Suhas Gopinath, who was the world's youngest CEO, and also considered as ‘Bill Gates of India’. Stories of his passion for technology and potential applications of it in early 2000, was received very well by the overcrowding audience. His experiences and most importantly, his narration of the bold and matured decisions taken, ignited the minds of engineering and management students. His address was followed by Mr. Ishwar Vikas, CEO, Mukunda Foods and the inventor of Dosamatic. His outstanding product not only watered the mouths but also created the hunger to know more about application of technology to solve day-to-day problems.  

Then the stage was set for the mega event of E-summit 2015, the ‘BVB10k’ pitch contest. Out of the 45 submitted business plans, 9 best B-plans were selected for the final pitching. These B- plans covered various business opportunities ranging from agriculture, automobiles, crowd sourcing, hospitality and more. Audience were impressed with the presenter’s confidence, innovative solutions, effective communication and technological mastery.  With the distribution of mega check to the winners, this most awaited event, in the presence of ‘Mascot of E-summit’, a lion, symbolising the logo of ‘Make in India’, closed the curtains on this entrepreneurial carnival.

 CTIE effectively brought in the true spirit of entrepreneurship to all interested and passionate students of BVB and beyond. BVB’s first ever E-summit, lasted for 2 days, showcased 5 relevant speakers, 2 workshops, 1 mega pitching event to over 1600 audience.

Many students expressed their excitement in words like – ‘keynote and speaker were great and helped us understand the spirit of entrepreneurship’, ‘thanks for your kind support…this E-Summit was awesome and inspiring for me’. –Student from Hulkoti Engineering College. BVB students want this event to continue as a bigger and better show of entrepreneurial potential of North Karnataka people.



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