‘7-Star’ Mentoring – every 2nd Saturday.
7-Star Mentor Program is a new initiative of KLE Technological University’s "Centre for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CTIE)". It aims to provide a unique opportunity to get mentored by a panel of successful entrepreneurs and experts on various aspect of Entrepreneurship. This mentoring team consists of 7 of our chosen CTIE entrepreneurs, who have hands on experience in various aspects of start-up management.  

7-Star Mentors help students and incubatees to validate their ideas, business models, market strategies and product development on a regular basis.  Panel of Mentors will give their inputs and insights on taking the start-ups to the next level. This feedback is recorded and shared with respective businesses.  This is scheduled on every 2nd. Saturday of the Month.

Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Vinay Konaje

Founder ,  Navya Biologicals Pvt Ltd.
Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Vijay Mane

Founder, Managing Director & C E O, NDIS Pvt Ltd.
Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Shashank Revanakar

C E O & Founder ,  Kookie
Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Pavan Shinde

Co-Founder ,  LabInApp.
Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Sanjeev Kulkarni

Director/Managing Partner, Chromosis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Chrmosis Technologies:

Mr. Balbir Rao

Founder, BySun Power Systems
Chrmosis Technologies:

Ms. Sarah D'souza

Chairman and Co-founder Biosyl technologies Pvt Ltd.


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